Exhibitor area

In this area, you will be able to define the questions and answers that will appear on your device. It will be therefore much easier to get all the required information from visitors to your stand.

By setting up your questionnaire in advance, this can help save precious time analysing your contacts following the show. You can determine the criteria and actions that will be easy to use by your teams.

To set up your questionnaire, 3 types of questions are possible: open question, single choice question, and multiple choice question.

All answers will be available in a file which you can download.

A field "comments" is always displayed for each contact.

You can find a xls file model by clicking here.

Please note that setting-up your questionnaire is optional. Regardless, the contact details of visitors scanned on your stand will be available in the file.

Warning: once your first visitors are scanned, you cannot modify the questionnary.
Advice to prepare your questionnaire
  • 5 details will be displayed with the QRcode scan:
- First name Last name
- Company
- Email
- Phone
  • 4 free fields are also available, should you wish to complete these details:
- Other name
- Other company
- Other email
- Comments
  • The labels of your questions should not exceed 40 characters.
  • We advise you to enter maximum 8 questions.