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  • 3 Statistics

Welcome to your e-invitation interface

This module allows you to create a mail template that will be used to announce your presence at the show or to highlight your news, intended for your customers and prospects.

The module is available for each routing language used.

The sections will activate as your actions progress, to ensure the smooth running of your course. You will be able to create, modify if necessary and visualize your email before sending it.

Once your shipment has been made, you will be able to follow the progress of your shipment thanks to our tracking curve. And so check the emails sent, transformed or not.

You will always be able to find your headings using the action strip on each page.

1. Customize
This step creates the e-invitation. A form allows you to fill in the personalized information that will be included on the e-invitation.
At any time, you can change your e-invitation. The form contains the last recorded content. Please note that no archive system is available.

2. Submit
Access a preview of your e-invitation before sending, to validate the formatting and content. Send your e-invitation according to different modes available depending on your event: via a list of emails, a document to be loaded or an e-mail address to be filled in, and then transfer the e-invitation to third parties.

3. Statistics
Access the statistics of your last e-mail sending, follow the registrations, restart the unprocessed contacts.
Closing date: 19/05/2022